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About B&B Associates

B&B Associates is a professionally managed, dedicated renewable energy solution company, based in Kerala, Tamil Nadu
S.India. We have completed 10 years of successful service in the renewable energy industry.
We are expertise consultants in renewable energy solution, with a focus to solar energy, to deliver the appropriate
solutions wherever required. We are driven by a unique vision, a philosophy that combines profitability and good
business practices with genuine client and environmental concerns.
We believe in innovation and excellence, and aim to achieve the highest standards of quality and perfection, whether
it is in the development of renewable energy applications or providing best possible customized solution to our
clients. Having associated with globally reputed manufactures, B&B Associates ensures optimum services of
international standards to its clients.
The environment friendly solar energy is worthwhile in the long run that we focus on the reliability of solar energy
systems in everyday use.
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We at B&B Associates are uniting, to make our planet safe, clean and for an energy sustainable future by the power of sun and create a greener Kerala.

Harvest the sunshine energy that hits the surface of the earth every minute, which is greater than the total amount of energy consumption by the humanity in a year.
Equip the people to harvest the sun energy in an effective and economic manner through various renewable energy installations, educational and training programmes, before the conventional sources run out.

At B&B Associates the staff and management believe and are committed in achieving customer satisfaction by offering genuine commitments and quality products, fulfilling customer expectation by providing timely customer care to ensure product performance and maintaining customer satisfaction for generating referral customers.
That’s what reflects in a smile when you place your focus on your customer’s needs rather than your own.

Have around 1500 individual Anert customers across Kerala since last six years
Have dealer network across Kerala Took over 140 systems of Bosch across Kerala in the year 2014 and in new business we were pan India no 1 with a total turnover of 10 crores from January 1 st 2017 to December 31st 2017 period. We maintain systems of Emmvee and PAE also.
Have a dedicated installation team Govt. Subsidy coordination and clearance on time